What will happen if it rains

Hi everybody
I’m looking outside, and the fact that it’s raining is telling me that I don’t have any idea what the weather will be on “walk day”, anywhere in the world. Since the weather is pretty important, I’ll keep checking it for Ottawa, and I’ll try to make a posting about the viability of the walk, and if it’s going to happen. I hope it does, but I don’t know. For everyone around the world, please do the walk in good weather. I hope that it agrees, but there will be rain somewhere in the world on that day.

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  1. Hey Rob it is Linda Swaffield from Richmond Branch I have registered and I do not think I will receive my shirt on time through the mail…Canada Post can you please let me know if I should pick it up on hope it arrives safely by Friday….Going to be a great experience…Linda

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