Walk For Brain Injury Awareness

First, some history, although everybody reading this is probably familiar with my story, a bit.

I am starting to organize a walk to help raise awareness of brain injuries.  I was part of “The Kanata 5”, a group of friends that were out for a bike ride, and were hit.  I was the most severely injured, and was in a wheelchair full-time.

I’m sure that anybody will say that their partner is special, and would go anywhere with them.  I went to the brink of death, in a coma for about 6 weeks, was medically retired from my job, and suffered a brain injury that has affected my day-to-day life dramatically.


My partner Cathy, who was also in the accident, hasn’t done anything but show her support for me. I don’t wish this on anyone, but would your partner go with you to the brink of death, and hold your hand to show you the way back?  Mine did.

Cathy is showing her support of my new adventure – the walk symbolizing Conquering Acquired Brain Injury.  The first will be in September, and it will be a world-wide event.



I’m using my links with people around the world to get my message distributed.  I have received a confirmation from a friend in Scotland, Australia, the USA, and from a friend on the east coast of Canada.

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