University of Wisconsin football players downplay warnings while proof of brain injury — even from small hits — piles up. Sadly they #NeverStop to listen, and won’t #ConquerABI

Football players are in denial.  They seemingly dismiss the scientific evidence of the severity of brain injuries that are commonly received by players.  They dismiss CTE, even though it’s been PROVEN to be the result of hits that are common in football.  Why?

It was a freak hit — a blow to the back of University of Wisconsin fullback Austin Ramesh’s helmet by an opposing Illinois player. Ramesh described being “a little dazed” as he walked off the field.

He had suffered a concussion in Wisconsin’s Oct. 28 matchup against Illinois and ended up missing a week of practice and the next game against Indiana.

Ramesh, a senior who had gotten used to violent collisions going up against 200-plus pound linebackers, was dismissive of the injury. It sidelined him temporarily from one of America’s top collegiate football squads.

“I think it was just more of a precautionary thing more than anything. People take those things more seriously than anything these days, so it made my mom happy,” Ramesh said.

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