Talk at the school

Yesterday, I delivered my talk to over 500 students at a high school, in Almonte.  Their responses, reactions, and appreciation was evident.  I thought that I’d join an already-scheduled show, or something like that.  I got to the school a bit after 9, was shown into the gym, and asked to go onto the stage that they’ve got.  At about 9:30, the five hundred kids came in, and the principal introduced me.   I presented for about half an hour, and when done the kids filed out.

A few of the staff, like the nurses, and office staff, came up to talk to me.   I realized then that I wasn’t part of a show, I was the show.  It kinda blew me away.  The show was good, and there were 5 questions after that were great.  And, a student that I passed looked up from what he was reading, and said “thanks for the show.   I liked it, and saw some neat stuff.”

The staff that was showing me out said that that boy doesn’t talk to anybody most of the time, never to her, and rarely to his teachers.  The fact that he’d said what he spoke to me, on his own, with a good message, said thanks, told her that he really saw it’s value.


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