Sudbury woman builds a life of fitness after being hit by a car

For the past three years, Lynne Lessard has driven Karol Beasley around to her appointments, volunteer work and fitness classes.

“This woman is amazing” Lessard said.


On March 27th, 2010, Beasley’s life changed drastically.

She was driving around Elmvale, Ont. to find a house to buy with her sister as she was about to retire. She got out of her car when she was struck by another vehicle and was airlifted to hospital in Toronto.

Beasley spent eight months in hospital, three weeks in an a coma and a year in a wheelchair.

Staying strong

She says she doesn’t remember much from that time.

“For me if feels like there is a part of my life missing and that kind of makes me fee like there is something wrong with me,” she said.

When she was in hospital, they told her daughter that they were going to take her off life support and her daughter refused.

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