Today marks a significant achievement in my books, pun notwithstanding.  Today I woke up thinking about the blog, what I’m going to write, and that was without any reminders for it.  I’ve successfully transitioned it from my short- into long-term memory, and self-reminding myself about it.   However, with the success comes the realization that I need to have an idea of what to write about.  I’m not going to start to write about the walk, yet, and unsure of what to write about.  If you’re reading this, maybe share with me a suggestion of what I could write about?  This was the issue that stopped me before, the lack of what I think are interesting topics.  I didn’t think that people would care, which I’ve learned isn’t the way to blog (caring what others think), but I cared that it was an entry that didn’t have a point.

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