Sub-concussive blows can cause brain injury, says Trinity research

Damage to the brain from concussive blows is clear, but c’mon, studying “sub-concussive blows to the head” for damage?  I know that brain injury is bad, but avoiding anything that might be, would mean that would be the best thing to do is put kids in padded rooms, and not let them do anything.  Click the image to read the story.

Sports are supposed to be fun.  The father who I’d mentioned before lost his son in a football game, but rather than going nutso on the rules, to enforce anything/everything that led to his son’s death, he said that “they” need to look at how the games are being played, and remove dangerous things.  However, to remove what could cause “sub-concussive blows to the head” would be to stop playing, which would make kids hate their parents/sport administrators.