Speaking with Kessie

Kessie Hi, my name is Kessie. I was out tubing with my kids when the worst of the worst happened.   I suffered my brain injury then, I’d share what happened, but I don’t remember anything about it. I’ll use the terms of “before” and “after” because of what my injury did. The “before” me brought my son James to his karate classes, and all three kids to gymnastics. I also played with them, a lot, outside and entertained friends at home, often. The “after” me isn’t able to do what the “before” me did, and it annoys me, quite a bit.  The damage to my brain affects the left-side of my body, which means that I’m less physically able to do what I used to do.
I’ve been working hard on my walking.  I’m able to walk around the house, being able to use a walker so that I’m able to rise from the wheelchair, and walk.   I’ve got my eyes on being able to play with my kids, more than simply watching them, to be able to volunteer (somewhere), and do more independently.  I’m looking into a tricycle, which will enable me to ride with others, and feel liberated. I feel that it’s important to be surrounded by helpful, and supportive people, who help to bring out the best. I feel that being positive is important, and to harness your inside-energy to help yourself do more.

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