Yesterday, at the walk, the value of what some people put in their friendship with me came through, totally loud and clear.  I was caught up some laughter-fits, about the days gone past with us, but what they’d done, and the cost that they’d borne, to join me for the walk was beyond humbling.  I saw friends from kindergarten, primary school, middle school, university, former manager at a job that I left over 10 years ago, and immediately-before-the-accident coworkers.  There were former teachers there, one from primary school, and the other from high school.   There were nearly 170 people at the walk, the message was spread, and some funds were raised for a charity that’s totally deserving of it.  I think that I’ve said it before, but when I was working, I was one of many in the department, a number in the employee database.   But, while the accident was brutal, my body shows it with the permanent disabilities that’s a part of me, it’s given to me the ability to make a difference, and be seen as a person, not a number.   The reason that I’d labelled this one “Optimism” is that the past is the past, what’s done is done, and I’m looking forward.   I’m trying to make a difference, have it matter, and to be someone who’s known for more than a number.

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