New TBI saliva test being used as evidence in personal injury cases

One million — that’s the number of children and adolescents who suffer brain-damaging concussions every year in the United States, and the #1 cause of TBIs among those aged 5 to 24 is car accidents.  I don’t know the number in Canada, but proportionately, I’m guessing that it’s about 200,000.

When someone carelessly crashes into another vehicle, victims are often left trying to figure out the extent of their injuries. With complicated brain injuries, they sometimes see doctor after doctor only to find that there’s “nothing wrong” even when they know something is affecting their ability to get through their day-to-day routine. 

Attorney Tom Crosley has a long history of dealing with complex brain injury cases. He has worked with experts like researchers at the University of California to pioneer new methods of detecting brain injuries and using them as evidence in personal injury cases.