Mine’s not too bad, on the whole

I’ve been thinking about my brain injury, and on the whole, it’s not too bad.   I’m being paid to not go to work, I’ve given myself a new job, of awareness, and it’s a whole lot of fun.  The walk is the pinnacle of it, but my presentations at the hospital, and other places like that, are filling out my time.  I’ve gone from feeling useless, for not having the coolest job of all any longer, to feeling like I’m making a difference.   While the walk started out raising $936, it was global, it caught on, and grew.   The following years it wasn’t as global, but it’s increased in amounts-raised, dramatically.  Last year it only happened in two places, Belleville and Ottawa, but it raised a little over $27,000,  This year may not be as much, but the basis of it is growing, it’ll grow next year, and it’ll be something of significance, totally.

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