Inspiration to do something that’s not possible, usually

Today I’m going to talk about the walk, but what I’m going to share won’t be what will be.  The reason for my saying that is that it’ll be a surprise.   The surprise will be awesome, and it’s intended to be inspirational.   I’ll give you a little bit more, to build your curiosity.   There isn’t an end to an ABI, it’s a permanent injury, but the person with it can work to get more.   There isn’t an end, but rather steps in their recovery, and passing one point can signify something incredible.  At the walk, there will be that point, where it could be called the end, but it’ll be a point at which everybody that crosses it, does so with feelings of exhilaration, at achieving something that isn’t something that’s done daily.

Please consider joining the walk, and if you’re either outside-Ottawa, or unable to, please pledge an amount for a registrant.

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