I’m in the blog-sphere now, big-time

Hi everybody
I’ve decided to join the blogging-sphere, more so than before. That means that rather than having the blog as an annual advertising venue for the walk, I’m going to write in it a whole lot more. I’m not sure, yet, what I’ll write, but it’ll be something that’s related to challenges of ABIs, my personal challenges, and there will be the annual advertising-focus for the walk.
Today I’m going to talk about the fact that the name “ACQUIRED BRAIN INJURY” is mostly unknown outside of either the survivors, or the support industry that helps them. I’ve stopped being surprised at that, and have started to reply “You may not have heard of that term, but have you heard of a concussion? They’re effectively the same as POH-TAY-TO and POH-TAH-TO words. They sound different, but are the same thing”. The injury that I sustained is worse than the majority of concussions, but they’re effectively the same.

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