Here’s a kid whose brain injury didn’t affect his mobility as mine did, and he ran a race – after his injury

A brain injury is unique, in each and every single person.  Mine affected both my memory, and my physical, functions.  The week before the crash I completed a triathlon, the month before I biked to Kingston in Rideau Lakes, and I was a member of Soldiers of Fitness.  After the crash, I lost the ability to swim, ride a bicycle, and run.  My vision was corrupted, where I see double (all the time), and wear prism glasses.  I’ve a brace on my left knee, and both my ankles.  My memory was broken, such that I’m not always able to self-summon a memory.  They’re there, the memory itself wasn’t damaged, but my ability to summon (reliably) was.
This kid suffered an injury,  but the physical manifestations weren’t as mine were, because he completed a running-race after his injury!

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