A football injury changes a boy’s life, perhaps forever—but what’s being done about it, to #ConquerABI?

Sidelined at 16 by a serious concussion on the eve of his senior season, former Haybaler tight end Eric Kraul struggles with medical issues that could last a lifetime—and now questions whether the system should have done more to protect him…

To this day, his name remains on the team rooster on a national website that tracks high school sports, but 16 year-old Eric Kraul will never again play football for the San Benito High School Haybalers in Hollister—or any other school.

On June 17, a broiling-hot Saturday, Eric’s football dream turned into what doctors now say could be a life-long nightmare.

He suffered a concussion- that much-discussed, serious and complicated brain injury caused typically by a hard blow to the head.

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