Focussing on what you want, is important

We were hit in 2009, eight years ago.  Since then, I’ve not regained the ability to walk (properly, without a walker), swim, bike, or pretty much anything that I’d lost.  This guy suffered an injury that reduced him to needing help to wash himself, he couldn’t speak, and had a tube in his throat to help his eating.  He was a pre-med student when hit, in 2016.

He’s relearned how to walk, to run (both unassisted), and can ride a bicycle.  What’s done in the US therapy-wise is different from Canada, and the significantly higher funding that’s available has its effects.  He’s accepted that being a doctor isn’t possible, but he’s returned to university, studying to be a physical therapist.

What’s done in the US to individual’s who suffered an ABI is different, but it’s what the person wants that makes the difference.  I didn’t have access to what he had, so my being able to ride a bike again wasn’t possible, but the formation of my Foundation is huge.  It was hard, but I’d accepted that I won’t return to the coolest job, ever.  However, my new job is more impactful, and I can talk about it in public!