Fighting self-negativity. It’s hard, because it knows how to hide itself.

I’ve been hearing quite a bit from people about being positive, looking at the bright side, and to not be negative.  I’d hit a slag a while ago, where my negativity was strong, and I didn’t notice it.  I thought that I was ok, because I didn’t feel any different, but that’s an element of negativity that’s the biggie – it knows how to mask itself.   I thought that all was well, that people were looking to find things, and figured that it something that they thought would be there.  Recently, when a friend said that it was happening again, I realize that self-negativity is an easy vortex to fall into, and one doesn’t know that they’re in it.   But, the challenge that I’ve got is that I think that when I’m positive, I’d be boasting, and know that that’s wrong.  I don’t know how to be positive without feeling like I’m an annoying braggart.

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