Do you have a mission, or feel a purpose?

Almost everyone has wondered why they’re here, what the point of what they do is, and stuff like that.  This guy turned to painting.  Receiving a brain injury throws a wrench in those thoughts, because it sometimes mucks up the thinking-processes.  I’ve wondered that myself, but the walk “saved” me.  Its evolution, with the launch of my Foundation, has helped me to feel good again.  I miss what I lost, but with the launch, it’s helping me to “close the book” and move on.  It’s easier to say, than do, trust me, but I’m trying.  Another thing that I’m not saying anymore is the Yoda quote that I used to say, a lot, before.  It is “Do, or do not – there is no try”.  I’m not thinking that anymore, and I’m trying stuff.  If I succeed, I do it again, and if I fail, I figure out why, and try again.