The brain is a muscle

I’ve been talking to friends, about what happened in days gone by, and it’s pretty clear to me that the brain is a muscle.  By that, I’m referring to an unused muscle that’s put to use, with intensity, all of a sudden isn’t able to do it.  I’ve been speaking to my friends from university, like 20 years ago, and I’m able to summon more memories, with proper prompting, than they can.  I’m not saying that I’m better than them, it’s just that the exercise that I’ve applied to my brain is showing its benefits, and then some.

Inspiration to do something that’s not possible, usually

Today I’m going to talk about the walk, but what I’m going to share won’t be what will be.  The reason for my saying that is that it’ll be a surprise.   The surprise will be awesome, and it’s intended to be inspirational.   I’ll give you a little bit more, to build your curiosity.   There isn’t an end to an ABI, it’s a permanent injury, but the person with it can work to get more.   There isn’t an end, but rather steps in their recovery, and passing one point can signify something incredible.  At the walk, there will be that point, where it could be called the end, but it’ll be a point at which everybody that crosses it, does so with feelings of exhilaration, at achieving something that isn’t something that’s done daily.

Please consider joining the walk, and if you’re either outside-Ottawa, or unable to, please pledge an amount for a registrant.

Please make a video of yourself, about the walk.

Hi everybody

I’m working on this year’s walk, and I need some help.  I’ve thought about creating videos where the person in it says that the walk is about, what it means to them, and why it’s important.  I made one, but it’s not finished yet.  If you did last year’s walk, one before it, or any combination, can you please make a video of yourself?  I don’t have a script, because I would like it to be all you.  Some ideas of what to say are why the walk is important, what messages that it’s going to pass, and what you think of the concept of an acquired brain injury is an invisible injury.   Even though it’s invisible, it’s freakishly common, because it’s in 1 out of every 26 people, everywhere in the world.  A concussion is another name for it.  Mine is more severe than what’s received in a football game, but they’re brain injuries nonetheless.

Please let help me, and if you can, please make a video of yourself saying that.

Big step forward

I have made some decisions, based on my situation, that will affect how I live, and what I do. I was given a present by a friend, that was a package offered by a company to help me re-design my online persona, and to update all of my social media images.
I had an appointment with a professional photographer, and my pictures were taken. My online-image was updated.

My profiles on email, Facebook, Twitter, and the like, were augmented.   I am now using my full name, Robert, as opposed to the short form (Rob).

I have updated all of my IDs accordingly, and applied for others, to
augment my new “identity”.

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

   All of the information is:

   Twitter: @Robert_Wein

The walk, in Ottawa

Hi Everybody
The walk/run was done, everywhere, but I was a part of the Ottawa walk. There were over 20 people, including 3 fellow-brain-injured people! We walked for 2 kilometers, followed by an absolutely phenomenal lunch. There were many pictures taken of the event, and everybody looked like they had a good time.


The photo-diary is available here.

Huge decision

When talking with Cathy about the walk, she had a lot of awesome ideas. I’ll talk to the location that I think that I’ve decided upon for the walk, but she made a comment about pictures. I thought that that’s a totally awesome idea. So this is to everyone that will do the walk: I would like a picture of you, and whoever you’re with!  I’m going to create a memory-board for the walk, so please send to me a picture of you at the end, that “tells” where you are, something interesting about where you are, and maybe what you have done if you’ve done something besides a regular walk.

Awesome organization

Do you know someone that may need some support, for some reason?  There is an organization that exists that does exactly that.  They provide a location, and encourage social interaction between people that may have challenges, and those that have different challenges.

Their website is:


My new role

This is my first entry.

I have given myself a new role, because I’m finding it challenging to find things to do in a day.  My new role is to talk about bicycle safety, and how important it is to take it seriously. I am going to schools to talk to the students, and joined the P.A.R.T.Y. program as a speaker, and will begin monthly presentations at the hospital, to high school students. The program’s website is


If you know of a group of people, kids make the most sense I think, that would benefit from hearing my story, please send me a note!  My email address is

And since I’m not famous (well, other than nearly dying when I was hit by a car when biking), I’m free!  Well, anything from Tim Hortons would be nice…  🙂