Adaptive sport equipment open house – way cool stuff

I’ve a ride, that’s not what one would think of when they hear the word “tricycle”,  but check out what’ll be shown at an adaptive equipment open house.   Companies are taking the concept of “sports equipment for the disabled” to the level of where what’s being designed (and built) is pretty awesome.

A brain injury doesn’t always have physical manifestations.

My injury has cognitive elements, but I was also afflicted with physical manifestations, limiting my abilities.  I’m unable to walk unsupported, can’t run, do not have balance to ride a bicycle, and am unable to swim.  This gentleman received trauma to his brain, but nothing physical.  He recently completed an Ironman triathlon, swim, bike, and run, a total of 140.6 miles.

My riding

I’m not riding a bicycle like I used to, it’s a tricycle.  However, when someone hears tricycle, I think that what they’ll think of isn’t like what I’ve got.  My ride may have three wheels, but I’m able to sustain a speed of close to 20km/h, and completed The Army Run half-marathon in 1:07.  The winner of my category completed it in a freaky-fast 38 minutes, the second was 42, so I’ve got a ways to go.BikeAnd, the best thing about riding is that I don’t get any saddle-sores!

Going for a ride!

I’m going on a ride this coming Sunday!  I’m going to ride with my neighbor, Matt, who’s helping me to increase my average speed to be able to complete The Army Run in one hour.

Rocking Ride

Today I went for a ride , and it was pretty sweet.  It was a little more than 22km, and I did it in about an hour and a quarter.  That was with little training, and it’s made me realize that my goal of doing The Army Run in one hour is realistic.  I’m going to train for it, pretty hard, and finish the race in one hour.