Please make a video of yourself, about the walk.

Hi everybody

I’m working on this year’s walk, and I need some help.  I’ve thought about creating videos where the person in it says that the walk is about, what it means to them, and why it’s important.  I made one, but it’s not finished yet.  If you did last year’s walk, one before it, or any combination, can you please make a video of yourself?  I don’t have a script, because I would like it to be all you.  Some ideas of what to say are why the walk is important, what messages that it’s going to pass, and what you think of the concept of an acquired brain injury is an invisible injury.   Even though it’s invisible, it’s freakishly common, because it’s in 1 out of every 26 people, everywhere in the world.  A concussion is another name for it.  Mine is more severe than what’s received in a football game, but they’re brain injuries nonetheless.

Please let help me, and if you can, please make a video of yourself saying that.

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