Brain Injury Awareness Day

Last Friday, there was a celebration, of sorts, put on by the Vista Centre, about brain injury awareness.  It was a day of speakers, sponsors, and a showcase of celebration about the fact that acquired brain injuries exist, and that with one, life goes on.  It’s up to the person how their life goes on.  They might get mad at whatever caused their injury, be angry at themselves for what they can’t do anymore, or they could focus on what they can do.  I’m no longer working at a job that I loved, that was the coolest job ever, but I’m not sad, because that door has shut.  I was sad, I missed it, but with help, I realized that being sad about what can’t happen isn’t healthy, and could lead to self-destruction.  So, I found a new path, the awareness walk that I’d initiated, it’s become my new job, and it’s growing.  When I’d started it, I had the thought of “go big, or go home” and so I made it fully global.  I did it all myself, wore myself out tremendously, and it only raised $936.  I didn’t accept defeat, did it again the next year, but that time, I asked for help.  It’s now taking place in Belleville, and Ottawa.  Last year it raised in excess of $27,000, and my goal for this year is $50,000.

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