Brain Injury Australia Completes Study On Post-Concussion Syndrome/ “Mild” Traumatic Brain Injury

With National Disability Insurance Agency Information, Linkages and Capacity Building Organisational Readiness Project funding, Brain Injury Australia has completed extensive surveys with eighteen Australians with lived experience of post-concussion syndrome/ “mild” traumatic brain injury (PCS/mTBI) – part of a larger commitment to raising awareness about disability that results from less severe, but often repeated, brain injuries that occur in sport, military service or domestic and family violence.

Survey respondents reported that: where they sought medical advice, attention was paid to physical injury less than the potential for brain injury, especially where there was nothing found on diagnostic imaging; their General Practitioners (GPs) had limited knowledge of brain injury or provided confusing or conflicting advice about what recovery to expect or how long it would take, and what activities – such as return to work or driving or sports – they could engage in.

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