A collar to help with an ABI?

Are you a football fan?  If so, you might remember highlight moments such as the final seconds of a 2013 win against New England when the Carolina Panthers middle linebacker (Luke Kuechly) kept tight end Rob Gronkowski from making the game-winning catch in the end zone.

Dr. David Smith always will remember Kuechly for something most don’t see, a thin collar that wraps around the neck and applies pressure on the jugular vein to increase blood volume in the skull to create an air-bag effect.

Smith has been called the “Bird Brain Doctor” because the woodpecker — more on that later — was his inspiration behind what is known as the Q Collar, which was developed in conjunction with Connecticut-based Q30 Innovations. The goal of the device is to safeguard the structure of the brain and protect against mild traumatic brain injury.  The technology in the collar was approved for sale for $199.